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I have been working with Adrienne for 18 months and the transformation has been unbelievable.  As a busy mother of three and someone who has struggled with my weight all of my life, I had tried everything.  The difference with Adrienne’s approach is that she helps you to tackle diet and exercise TOGETHER using a balanced, educated, slow but steady, approach.  This approach, I can truly say, has completely changed my mindset about food and exercise and has put me in complete control when it comes to eating and working out.  In my first year, doing Adrienne's bootcamp and online training program, I lost 30lbs, gained tons of muscle and am the strongest I have ever been in my life, deadlifting over 160lbs on the regular.  I have done this through hard work, but can confidently say that I could not have done it without Adrienne’s expert knowledge and unwavering support.  I now feel like I have been equipped with life-long strategies to keep fit for the LONG TERM, gained new insight into food and exercise that I never had, and have a better appreciation of how to eat to FUEL my body rather than depriving myself of essential food groups, the quest to lose weight.  I am Adrienne’s biggest fan… will not be disappointed. 


Toronto, On.

My journey began with “I need to commit to being more active, I’ll try that dreaded boot camp in the neighbourhood.”  My original goal was to make sure that I was being as active as possible, so that when my daughter is 20 and asks me to try kite surfing or something like that, it might be possible!  Adrienne's boot camp classes were diverse and inclusive, and I felt very welcome and supported.  Yes, a few times in the beginning I couldn’t walk normally for a day or two afterwards, but I was proud of how sore my muscles were.  Turns out I really enjoyed the dreaded boot camp and even won an attendance prize (yay me!).  After experiencing some positive results and being inspired by Adrienne and others in the group, my goal quickly evolved to wanting to become the most fit I have ever been by my 40th birthday. 


I signed up for a round of Online Coaching with Adrienne and experienced more success – losing inches and pounds along with positive changes in my mind and body so I signed up for more.  I have since achieved significant improvements in my strength, endurance, sleep, confidence and dedication to fitness.


I can run!

I can lift heavy things!

I can see muscles in my arms and back!

And I feel proud of the commitment I’ve made to my own fitness.


Adrienne (Empower me Fitness) is fun, honest, inspiring and knowledgeable.  Her support has been key to my success so far!


Toronto, On

When I first met Adrienne Davis, I could barely  jump onto a curb on the sidewalk. I had a nagging hip injury, was woefully out of shape, and was trying to get back into the swing of exercise after baby #1. Adrienne didn’t judge, didn’t push, just kept encouraging me and made exercise fun, inclusive, rewarding, and something I actually looked forward to every week!  Fast forward 6 years (and baby #2), and I am still with Adrienne!  I am a committed client of her coaching program which keeps me on track, accountable and supported by not only an amazing coach, but also all of her dedicated clients.  I’ve lost 20 pounds and several inches so far, and have made going to the gym and smashing through my workouts as routine as my morning coffee. At 44, I’m the strongest and fittest I have ever been (so far!)  I’ve often joked that I don’t know what I would do without Adrienne in my life, but really, who’s kidding?  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Adrienne in my life!  Thanks for everything Coach A - looking forward to the next 5 years, and beyond!


Toronto, On.

I've been going to Adrienne's bootcamp since November and I can't sing her praises enough! She is supportive without singling people out. She keeps it fun and yet super challenging. I know I'm stronger than I've ever been in my life thanks to her training. I feel more confident as a person because of the progress I'm making. And even when I can't keep up with my workouts here and there, I'm always motivated to get back to class. Adrienne has helped me commit to a lifestyle change where working out is a necessity not a choice. My only complaint is that I hate that I can't have a bootcamp class with her every day.


Toronto, On

I've been taking Adrienne's classes for over a year now. Since I've started training with her, I have shed weight, gained more muscle than I ever thought possible, started running 5 and 10km races, just completed my first obstacle race, AND have really and truly learned that taking care of myself IS vital for me and my family and that taking the time to do so is totally okay. Adrienne's classes are ever-changing, always challenging and a lot of fun.


Toronto, On

Adrienne, my song title for you is 'Always on my mind', especially when I'm at the gym doing a program you set up for me. I had a huge compliment from a personal trainer during my work travels, when he said he felt I was the most committed/productive person who comes into the gym outside of the trainers and our cast. He sees that I know what I'm doing. After saying thank you I told him I have an amazing coach back home who is always a voice in my head, not to mention how much more I love this lifestyle since I started working with you. Thank you for all that you teach us and the inspiration to always go for it.


Toronto, On

My personal training sessions with Adrienne are the highlight of my week. Thanks to her I feel strong in the gym, and have a greater understanding of how to fuel my body in order to achieve my fitness goals. Thank you Adrienne! It's hard to imagine a week without you!!"


Toronto, On

"Signing up for Adrienne’s bootcamp is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her classes are fun, challenging and lead to results. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been, but best of all, I’ve connected with an awesome new community of women who are committed, hilarious and a joy to workout with"


Toronto, On

Adrienne has made fitness fun again! I have participated in bootcamp classes for 4 years. She makes classes interesting with different exercises every class, making sure that we cover all major muscle groups. When you think you have nothing left in the tank, Adrienne picks you up with words of positive motivation. I look forward to her classes every time (except for quad thrusters, ha, ha!)


Toronto, On

Committed and caring, Adrienne has a talent for making us all feel capable of so much more than we ever thought we could do. She pushes us to "get out of our comfort zone" while at the same time catering to our individual needs.


Toronto, On

Bootcamp! This is a quality class in a super convenient format. Feels more like team training than just a fitness class. Adrienne is encouraging and conscientious but keeps it totally real.


Toronto, On

Last weekend I completed my first obstacle race. This is something that I never would have dreamed of doing, before starting to train with Adrienne. She provides amazing encouragement and practical knowledge to get you where you need to be to hit your goals. Can not say enough about how much I love working with her!


Toronto, On

Adrienne is an amazing trainer - she pushes you to be and do your best, while being super positive, encouraging and supportive. I can't recommend her a enough!


Toronto, On

Adrienne, is fabulous. I have learned that I can do it, even if lm a bit slower than everyone else. She encourages me to keep going. She is the best!


Toronto, On

Adrienne is so incredibly inspiring. Her classes are awesome and she is an amazing personal trainer. Highly recommend.


Toronto, On

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