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Super Fast, Overnight Breakfast Oats

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is their struggle to get in a proper breakfast, especially on days when they train early in the morning before work. As a trainer and coach, my job often depends on being up at the crack of dawn to head out and see clients in plenty of time for them to work out, shower and commute to work. Having a go-to breakfast meal prep is critical, so I can fuel up for the day in a few quick bites that are ready to go as I dash out the door. My favourite quick and delicious breakfast is any one of a thousand incarnations of my Overnight Oats recipe. Combine all your favourites in a bowl, mix well and slam it into a portion sized glass mason jar for best results. Here's the basic recipe - you can add or take away anything you like once you have the base mastered so try it with your favourite fruit and nuts and once you find your favourite combo, share it with me so I can give it a try!

Fruit & Nut Overnight Oats


1/2 cup unsweetened rolled oats or quick oats

1 cup milk or non-dairy substitute (coconut milk or almond milk work great)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (you can switch this up for your own flavour preference)

1/2 cup fresh raspberries and blueberries

1 tbsp crushed walnuts


1. Add oats, protein powder and milk together in a small bowl and mix well. It should have a lumpy, soup-like texture.

2. Gently fold berries and nuts into your mixture.

3. Pour mixture into a portion sized glass mason jar. Top with a few extra pieces of fruit.

4. Refrigerate overnight. When you open your jar it will have a thicker consistency and be a hearty early morning or pre-workout mini meal.

Enjoy creating all kinds of Overnight Oat recipes that incorporate your favourite fruit. I also love to add raisins, chocolate chips and cinnamon to most of my oat creations - just a tablespoon of each is more than enough to sweeten it up and make it into a decadent dessert.

Shoot me your favourite variations on this recipe, I love hearing your ideas!

- Coach A.

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